Mizugumo Demo

This is the demo application for Mizugumo, the gem for unobtrusive JavaScript (UJS) and AJAX in Ruby on Rails. Mizugumo uses NinjaScript by Judson Lester for UJS behaviors. This app demonstrates both the capabilities specifically of Mizugumo and the general tools provided by NinjaScript.

You may download and run your own local copy of this app, which requires Rails 3.

Available Sections / Demonstrations

Gracefully-Degrading AJAX Scaffold Demo
This simple scaffold works as AJAX, but degrades to regular page loads when JS isn't available. This is the same format that is generated by Mizugumo's scaffold generator.
Slow Scaffold Demo
A slow version of the above scaffold to demonstrate NinjaScript's automatic "busy overlay" behavior.
Graceful degradation of DELETE, PUT, and POST links
A page showing how Rails' link_to method works with Mizugumo installed. When a method other than GET is passed (i.e. link_to('foo', foo_path, :method => 'delete') ), mizugumo's helper will output a form rather than a link, and can handle both text and image links. This allows such links to work whether or not JS is available.
Watermarking Forms
NinjaScript provides a one-step watermarking tool that uses a %lt;label%gt;'s content to supply the watermark, so that non-JS users still get a visible indication of the form's content.

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Copyright and License Info

Mizugumo, and this demo application, and NinjaScript are products of Logical Reality Design, Inc. and is copyright Logical Reality Design Inc., and Evan Dorn, 2011. NinjaScript is copyright Logical Reality Design Inc. and Judson Lester, 2011. These tools are released under the MIT License.

Mizugumo, this app, and NinjaScript are released under the MIT License. These tools contain copies of other open-source projects which carry their own licenses, please see those licenses for more information.